emergency & critical care services at animal emergency & specialty

Please note: AES has reduced its hours and services due to the nationwide veterinary staffing shortage. Please call ahead for the most up-to-date information.

Dr. Mark O’Hanlon is the pack leader of our Emergency & Critical Care Team! Dr. O’Hanlon grew up in the Brown’s Point neighborhood of Tacoma and attended castle-like Stadium High School. He was encouraged to pursue veterinary medicine by his honor’s thesis supervising professor in the Physical Anthropology Department at the University of Washington. After graduating with distinction from UW, Dr. O’Hanlon traveled to Japan where he taught English at Osaka Prefectural High Schools and worked at a veterinary hospital owned by a doctor from Ethiopia! He has focused on emergency and critical care medicine since graduating from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001.

why choose aes for your pet’s emergency & critical care needs?

  • New, state-of-the-art facility with pet- and eco-friendly design features, open 24/7/365!
  • Large, specialty-hospital medicine with small, family-owned business client service.
  • Only family-owned (non-corporate) 24-hour specialty hospital remaining on the Eastside.
  • Experienced and dedicated Team of doctors and nurses, including a board-certified surgeon.
  • We do not hire new graduates, interns, or residents. All of our doctors have at least one year of post-graduate clinical experience at busy specialty hospitals. Several have completed internships, advanced training, and/or have over a decade of experience.
  • Fully-equipped Triage Room to quickly and safely stabilize our most critical patients.
  • Comprehensive, in-house lab and advanced digital imaging equipment for speedy diagnoses and presentation of treatment options.
  • Intensive patient monitoring and care, including ventilator, nutritional, and transfusion support.
  • Temperature, oxygen, and humidity-controlled Intensive Care Suite.
  • Separate cat and dog ICUs with ambient lighting to minimize stress and promote healing.
  • Self-contained Isolation Ward for management of contagious diseases.
  • Close collaboration with you, your family veterinarian, and a network of veterinary specialists to ensure continuity of care.
  • Preferred emergency care provider of many Eastside pet parents, family veterinarians, and animal welfare organizations—trusted since 1980.
  • Personalized client service and compassionate patient care!

sample critical care services

Below is a partial list of AES’s critical care services. Additional services are available. Please call us for the most up-to-date information.

Advanced Patient Monitoring & Support:

Ventilator services Peritoneal dialysis
Nutritional support, including feeding tube management & TPN Temperature-, oxygen-, & humidity-controlled Snyder ICU Suite
Arterial blood pressure monitoring CVP monitoring

Management of Complex Metabolic Disturbances:

Diabetic ketoacidosis Hepatobiliary disease
Hypernatremia IMHA/IMTP
Peritonitis Renal failure/insufficiency

Transfusion Services:

Blood typing Cross-matching
Component therapy Coagulation monitoring

Management of Cardiac & Respiratory Distress:

Tracheostomy tube management Advanced CPR, including open CPR & defibrillator support

Management of Toxicologic Emergencies:

In-house testing for recreational drug exposure Lipid emulsion therapy
Antidotes to specific toxins including 4-MP, Acetylcysteine, Vitamin K1, Antivenin, etc.

Advanced Trauma Management:

Thoracic injuries Stabilization & management of poly-trauma cases
Advanced wound management

Reproductive Emergencies:

Medical & surgical management of dystocia Neonatal intensive care