Should your pet need surgery, AES offers a variety of soft-tissue and orthopedic surgical services. Our talented, board-certified surgeon and knowledgeable nursing staff will carefully explain the treatment plan, including the risks, costs, and aftercare.

Emergency & Critical Care

At AES, we know emergency medicine. After all, we’ve been doing it for over 30 years! AES is the only animal hospital on the Eastside with a board-certified emergency and critical care specialist. We also have a fully-equipped Triage Exam Room to quickly and safely process our most critical patients.


AES is excited to be able to offer innovative rehabilitation modalities, including our heated underwater treadmill! We can customize a program to meet a variety of needs like post-operative or -injury care, strength training, chronic pain relief, improved mobility and flexibility, relaxation, or weight management.

What Makes AES Different?

AES is honored to be the preferred emergency, critical care, and specialty services provider of many Eastside pet parents, family veterinarians, and animal welfare organizations. We take pride in offering outstanding client service and cutting-edge veterinary care.

Highlights of our beautiful new hospital:

  • Comprehensive, in-house lab and advanced imaging equipment for speedy diagnoses and treatment options
  • Intensive patient monitoring and care, including ventilator, nutritional, and transfusion support
  • Temperature, oxygen, and humidity-controlled Intensive Care Suite
  • Separate cat and dog ICUs with ambient lighting to minimize stress and promote healing
  • Self-contained Isolation Ward for containment of infectious diseases

Read the Gossip

"[T]hank you to Drs. Tucker and O'Hanlon and all the techs for saving Darli's life. I hope I never have to see their faces again with an emergency, but if I need to, I know my pet will get excellent care." - Jillian V.

"As a vet, this is my Eastside go-to emergency clinic for my clients, my patients, and my own pets. Don't waste time or money elsewhere, this is where you want to go." - Sharna A.

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