Don’t Let Fido Be Your Valentine!

It’s almost that time of year again—when love is shown with heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate wonders.  Yes, it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  And while for you the greatest threat of these delectable treats is breaking your New Year’s resolutions, those little boxes can hide significant dangers for your furry best friend. We all know that… Read more »

The Holidays Are Quickly Approaching–Are You Prepared to Keep Your Pets Safe?

As responsible pet owners, we tend to keep certain household routines to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our pets.  The busy holiday season likely disturbs those routines as we embellish our homes with festive décor and delightful treats.  Our furry family members, who find these new additions to their environment irresistible, can get… Read more »

Gobble-Gobble, Uh Oh! — Thanksgiving With Your Furry Best Friend

Gathering around the table for a Thanksgiving meal is a joyous tradition for many.  As you pass the turkey and gravy, beware of who might be lurking underneath the table!  Fido or Fluffy may be waiting to pounce when you to turn away from your plate or drop some delicious morsels.  They might also be tempted to… Read more »

Beautiful But Potentially Deadly: Pacific Northwest Mushrooms

This time of year, the Emergency & Critical Care Team at AES starts to see an influx of pets suffering from mushroom intoxication.  The cool, moist Northwest climate favors a variety of mushroom species ranging from non-toxic to potentially deadly.  Of the five thousand or so species of mushrooms in the United States, roughly one… Read more »