How to Avoid a Trip to the Vet on Thanksgiving

Gathering around the table for a Thanksgiving meal is a joyous tradition for many.  As you pass the turkey and gravy, beware of who might be lurking underneath the table!  Fido or Fluffy may be waiting to pounce when you to turn away from your plate or drop some delicious morsels.  They might also be tempted to raid the garbage can full of delicious-smelling scraps.  Seemingly small snacks shared with your cats or dogs, intentionally or accidentally, can wreak havoc on their health!

How might holiday snacking affect your pet? You may see temporary symptoms ranging from “upset stomach” to more serious problems such as pancreatitis.  Remember, your furry family member’s digestive system is much different than yours.  Whereas you can eat a variety of foods daily without difficulty, the slightest change in diet may cause days of discomfort for some pets.  You also need to consider the size of your furry BFF.  A slice of turkey or bite of pumpkin pie may look small to you, but may be richness overload for your five-pound Yorkie!

Some signs that your pet may be sick include lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting, or diarrhea.  What can you do if you see these symptoms?  If you observe only mild indicators such as moderate diarrhea or one or two bouts of vomiting, withhold food and water for a couple of hours and then slowly reintroduce both.  You can also feed a bland diet (such as white rice and boneless, skinless chicken breast—cooked) for a couple of days to help settle the digestive tract.

If you notice more severe symptoms such as persistent vomiting, bloody diarrhea, or a distended or painful abdomen (e.g., your pet is hunched up, won’t let you touch his belly, or doesn’t want to lie down) contact AES or your family veterinarian right away! We are always here for your pet and you 24/7/365, even on holidays!  Don’t know whether your pet should be seen right away?  Give us a call at 425.827.8727; we’ll help you figure it out.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, friends!